The first and unique in the type organic herbal dietary supplements based on bio-chocolate is all natural and is the only product of this kind in the world. It is a full value combination of organic natural components and quality classic black and milk chocolate. It is offered here and nowhere else.

The herbal dietary supplement will help you to make more profit and you will get the first effective organic product, which is an innocuous medicine in the trading network.
It will allow you to enlarge a market basket of your consumers with absolutely new healthcare product, which has no analogues in the network.

  • Organic phyto-active food products of TM HERBO: Health with Taste is not just a words.

    Its uniqueness is that biologically active substances give, due to inimitable taste of chocolate, general strengthening, tonic, soothing and other effects, improving the quality of life of any person.
Herbal dietary supplement organically combines Taste and Health. It is the main message and philosophy of our Company:

                   “Health with Taste”.

   The company “Herbalmed Organic” created the Product with the taste of traditional dark and milk chocolate. At present, we have organic product line, composing of 13 Organic products.